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Lessons From Mt. Gox Bankruptcy

MtGox Co., Ltd., once the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange company, is insolvent, bankrupt, and now history.  This bankruptcy (which I discussed yesterday) offers lessons to cryptocurrency startups. Mt. Gox’s fundamental lack of professionalism has become painfully clear since it filed for bankruptcy.  According to a Wired expose last year, former…

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The “Blockchains” of Bitcoin 2.0

Bitcoin is built on a distributed consensus technology – the blockchain – which allows transactions to be verified and securely stored without a centralized authority authenticating the transactions.  In its current form, the blockchain serves as a ledger for digital currency.  However, developers with a sophisticated understanding of cryptography seek…

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States May Accept Bitcoin for Tax Payments

Tired of paying state taxes in dollars? If bills recently introduced in New Hampshire and Utah pass, those states’ taxes could eventually be paid in bitcoin. The New Hampshire House of Representative’s Ways and Means committee is considering a bill that would allow New Hampshire to accept bitcoin payments beginning…

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