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Fondo talks ICOs with theCUBE

Goodwin partner and chair of the firm’s digital currency + blockchain technology practice, Grant Fondo, sat down with John Furrier at theCUBE last week to discuss the current landscape for Blockchain and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). theCUBE is a leading, live-interview show based in Palo Alto, CA, that covers developments…

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Recent Cases Demonstrate Need for Blockchain

A recent Delaware bill is poised to allow private Delaware corporations “use networks of electronic databases (examples of which are described currently as “distributed ledgers” or a “blockchain”) for the creation and maintenance of corporate records, including the corporation’s stock ledger.”  The bill is a significant step towards the mainstream…

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State Regulation of Distributed Ledger Technology

  While the federal government has taken a variety of different positions in regulating distributed ledger technology, there are several important trends that are emerging in states’ regulation of such technology: 1) States are increasingly scrutinizing digital currencies. States are moving forward with regulating digital currencies, especially with respect to…

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