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BitConnect and the Advent of State Securities Enforcement Over ICOs

In the wake of the SEC’s clarifying guidance in Munchee[1] regarding the application of the federal securities laws to initial coin offerings (“ICOs”), there has been increased activity among both federal and state regulators as they seek to deter what they deem to be sales of unregistered securities in the…

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Massachusetts Securities Regulator Announces "Aggressive Policing" of Cryptocurrency Firms

On December 15, 2017, Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin announced that his office’s Securities Division (“MSD”) would begin “aggressive policing” of cryptocurrency sales in Massachusetts.  The MSD regulates the offering and sale of securities in Massachusetts.  The MSD can seek a range of civil remedies for violation of the…

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Recent Cases Demonstrate Need for Blockchain

A recent Delaware bill is poised to allow private Delaware corporations “use networks of electronic databases (examples of which are described currently as “distributed ledgers” or a “blockchain”) for the creation and maintenance of corporate records, including the corporation’s stock ledger.”  The bill is a significant step towards the mainstream…

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State Regulation of Distributed Ledger Technology

  While the federal government has taken a variety of different positions in regulating distributed ledger technology, there are several important trends that are emerging in states’ regulation of such technology: 1) States are increasingly scrutinizing digital currencies. States are moving forward with regulating digital currencies, especially with respect to…

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California Digital Currency Regulation Is On Again and Then Off Again

California first proposed a licensing framework for digital currency companies in February 2015, though the bill was inactive by September 2015.  Just last week, California legislators introduced a bill that was amended from the original bill in February 2015.  Known as AB 1326, the amended bill proposed the enactment of…

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