Digital currency is an exciting, dynamic and growing technology changing the financial and legal landscapes. To keep pace, corporate counsel must stay abreast of new rules, new regulations, and new applications of blockchain technology. Recognizing this need, Digital Currency + Blockchain Perspectives chronicles industry news, including regulatory developments and other issues affecting our clients and the digital currency industry.

Lines Crossed: From Enforcing to Breaking the Law

Last week, former Drug Enforcement Agency (“DEA”) agent, Carl Force, pleaded guilty to charges of money laundering, obstruction of justice, and extortion while investigating Silk Road’s illicit activities.  Force’s plea follows the guilty plea of Shaun Bridges, former Secret Service agent, who also used his insider role to pilfer hundreds of…

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Bitcoin and Bullets: An Unexpected Alliance

Federal Bureau of Investigation Seal

At first blush, one might not expect the digital currency and firearm industries to have much in common – when was the last time you heard someone utter Bitcoin and guns in the same breath?  Recently, however, the two industries’ interests have aligned, and the pro-Second Amendment lobby’s efforts might yield…

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Overstock Issues First Cryptosecurity

In January 2014, became the first major online retailer to accept payment in bitcoin. Less than eighteen months later, Overstock is now the first company to offer qualified buyers the option of purchasing private cryptosecurities, in the form of bonds. The corporate bonds will trade using Bitcoin’s blockchain protocol….

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