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Exchanges Bring Increased Legitimacy for Bitcoin

After months of doubts regarding the viability of Bitcoin due to concerns on everything from fraud and security to the currency’s volatility, the virtual currency recently got a healthy boost to its legitimacy. Last week, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss announced plans to develop a fully regulated Bitcoin exchange based in…

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As ETFs and Virtual Currencies Increase in Popularity, Their Marriage Prompts Regulatory Questions

Since the turn of the century, exchange traded funds (ETFs) have grown from an industry of less than $100 billion to a $2 trillion behemoth. And as virtual currencies such as Bitcoin continue to permeate the mainstream — now accepts payment in Bitcoin, as do thousands of other online…

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Study Guide for New York’s BitLicense

The most anticipated set of guidelines for early 2015 is certainly New York’s BitLicense. Any day now, New York is slated to release yet another version of its proposed regime for public comment. In the spirit of college style last-minute exam cramming, let us catch you up on the story…

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